Where Should You Push Your Traffic: Your Blog or Your Sales Page?

This is a question that I have seen come up many times with internet marketers using the pay per click method: should you push your traffic towards your blog or your sales page?  Ultimately, the answer to this question depends on the business model you are using for internet marketing as each option has its benefits and downsides.

Traffic to Your Blog

It is a lot easier to drive organic search engine traffic to your blog since it will have more content than a sales page as well as fresh content being regularly added (assuming that you are keeping up with your work!).  Additionally, a blog will immediately have a better reputation than a sales page. People are inherently distrusting of sales pages.  If they just see the sales page with nothing to back it up, then they aren’t likely to complete the action you want of them.  But, if you do a good job of establishing yourself as an expert in the field through your blog posts and then bring the visitors to the sales page, they are more likely to complete the action.

The downside of driving traffic to your blog over the sales page is that you will have to spend time creating unique content which is ideally of a good enough quality that you establish yourself as an expert.  Otherwise, your visitors may not be so trusting of the sales page you lead them to. Further, you have to be very good at converting your blog visitors into PPC successes.  This requires a lot of tact with strong calls for actions, carefully placed links, and strong sales pitches.  If you aren’t a good blogger and salesperson, then a lot of your traffic could go to waste.

Traffic to Your Sales Page

If you want to drive organic search engine traffic directly to your sales page, then you will have to spend a lot of time building up quality backlinks.  This can be much more cumbersome than trying to get a single blog to the top of the SERPs.   It is particularly important that all of the backlinks have very focused anchor text if you want to get results from your efforts. Because of this, you are going to be more limited when it comes to keywords that you rank for.  With a blog, you could easily rank for a lot of longtail keywords whereas the sales page is probably just going to rank for the 1-4 keywords you chose for your anchor texts.

Once you get traffic to your sales page, you still have the problem of getting them to complete the action.  Make sure that your sales text is incredibly strong and targeted. You will need to do some research about your demographics and carefully analyze your conversion rates to see where you can improve.