Tips to Get More Ad Views and Clicks

There is a lot of advice in internet marketing forums about how to get more ad views and clicks.  The problem with most of this advice is that it assumes all internet marketers are using the same business model.  If you want to maximize your monetization from ads, you will first have to understand how visitors view ads and then make a business model around this.

27% of Ads are Not Seen At All

According to study results published by CBS News, more than ¼ of banner ads are not getting seen at all.  The main reason for this is because visitors simply do not spend enough time at a website to notice the ads.  Even the ads at the top of the pages are only getting seen about 85-95% of the time!  The reason is because many visitors leave before the ad even has time to load.

Another core reason that ads don’t get viewed is because they are located too far at the bottom of the screen.  An average web page takes about 5-6 scrolls to get to the bottom but there are some pages which take more than 20 scrolls.  Even if visitors scroll to the bottom, they will probably do it very quickly, just scanning the content along the way and missing the ads completely.

Tell Visitors to Click Your Ads

Most internet marketers use the PPC model for monetizing their websites since it pays better.  But high-traffic sites can profit with the PPV model.  Each of these models has its own pros and cons.  In either case, you should make sure to tell your viewers to click on your ads – but only after you have established yourself as a quality website.

  • Pay Per Views: If you are getting paid per ad view, then you should have a high-traffic website or it won’t be profitable.  But, by placing ads on your website, you will make your website less attractive and may repel visitors.  If your visitors trust you, then a PPC model could be a better option.  You get to put the ads at a less noticeable location but mention the ads in your articles and tell visitors why they should click them.
  • Pay Per Click: Let’s say that your website is getting lots of traffic because of all the efforts you put into writing great articles.  If your traffic clicks on an ad, then your article-writing efforts are going to waste since they left your site (and may not return since they didn’t finish reading your great articles!).  If you don’t have a lot of traffic though, then you will have to really work hard to get high conversion ratings by encouraging all visitors to click on your ads.