Outsourcing Work? Tips for Choosing the Right Provider

If you are serious about online marketing as a business, at some point your business is going to grow to the point where you can’t handle the workload yourself.  For small enterprises, it often isn’t profitable to hire a full-time staff.  Instead, outsourcing may be a much better option.

Cheap Labor is Often a Headache

When online marketers first start outsourcing work, they usually look for the cheapest provider.  These providers are usually located in parts of Asia or Eastern Europe – especially if you are looking for website designers.  Anyone who has experience with outsourcing will tell you hiring cheap labor is a costly mistake – and often a big headache too.  Here are some of the problems which usually occur:

  • Language barriers cause miscommunication problems
  • The work is completed late
  • The work is faulty

You are outsourcing work to save yourself time, right?  But if you have to spend a lot of time writing emails, waiting for responses, and fixing faulty work, then you will end up wasting more time than if you had just done the task yourself. After having a bad experience with one outsourced internet marketing provider, you will then have to seek another provider.  Hiring takes a lot of time and this too will cut into your profits.

Experience – and the references to prove it!

Regardless of what sort of help you need with internet marketing, make sure that your provider has experience. If you are hiring a SEO writer, for example, you must ask for work samples AND take the time to read them.  If you are hiring a website designer, ask for samples of websites and also information about how long it took to create each and the price for each.  This will give you a rough idea of what you can expect for your budget. For instance, an infographic can be the success path to a great visual aid for your site!

Even if you are hiring online marketing help for a menial job, such as “forum poster”, you should still hire someone with experience.  Many of the job seekers on freelance websites have no experience with these jobs and don’t realize how much work is entailed.  When they realize that the price they agreed on isn’t worth it for them, then you are left with an unfinished job and will have to start looking for another worker.

Use Reputable Sites and Escrow Only

There are hundreds of job boards where you can find “professionals” in the field of internet marketing, including occasional help and steady employees.  You should only use the specialized job boards or the very reputable freelancer sites which require a fee or have an admissions process.  This will weed out any internet marketing specialists who aren’t really serious about their work.

Questions to Ask Prospective IM Employees

  • What experience do you have?  How many years, references, education…
  • What other jobs are you currently working?
  • Will my internet marketing job be your priority?
  • Are you available to do urgent jobs?
  • What is your turnaround time?
  • What are your niche specialties (for SEO writers)?
  • When are you available?
  • How many hours per week do you work?
  • Why do you want this job?