Google “Rel=Me”: Why Internet Marketers Should Take Advantage of this Feature

Google has been in a constant battle with search engine optimizers.  As soon as Google updates its search engine algorithms, the SEO experts are reassessing their strategies to get their sites to the top of the SERPs.  Finally, Google has gotten creative in their methods of determining which content is quality and which is just SEO hype.  Their new “rel=me” program for authorship markup is bound to redefine the way we market internet sites.

The authorship markup program was launched on June 7th, 2011 and is just now starting to take off amongst content creators online.  The idea behind the program is simple but revolutionary in terms of getting quality content to the top of the SERPs: content authors put a link to their Google+ “About Me” profile.  Then, they put a link to the website from the profile, thus closing the link and letting Google know that you are the author of that content.  When your post shows up in the search results, it will appear with a small thumbnail picture of you from your Google+ profile.

You can find out more about how to get your profile picture in the search results at the Google help center for authorship.

Why would you want to bother taking time to link your content to your profile (other than feeling like a celeb when your picture shows up in the searches, of course!)?  Because the “rel=me” authorship markup program is a ranking factor.  Google immediately assumes that your content must be reputable if you are willing to claim authorship of it publically.  Further, Google has incorporated a system of expertness into the program.  While the details are still not fully explored, we do know this: if you have numerous content posts in one niche, Google will assume that you are an expert in that niche and your content will jump on the SERPs.  This immediately will cut down on your competition.  Instead of having to make tons of blogs just to build up backlinks and post massive amounts of text with targeted keywords to even appear on the SERPs, you can just write a series of articles in your niche and link them to your Google profile.

Here are some things to keep in mind when using this “rel=me” program:

  • You must have an updated profile with a good quality photo.
  • If you are writing for a wide range of niches, you may want to make multiple Google profiles for each niche.  Otherwise, Google may not consider you an expert if you have lots of articles in unrelated fields, such as cars, gaming and diet.
  • Make sure you read through the Google instructions carefully if you want to make this register.